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We offer an extensive video lesson library for guitarists of any variety, style and skill level (beginner - advanced). Our lessons are attached to a printable written guide giving you the power of practicing "Off-Line"! To the point instruction with multi-angle camera views along with a way to track your progress are just a few of things that set us apart from the rest.

Subscribers will have complete access to the Lesson Library, as well as the Chord Library containing a video showing how to set up each chord attached to a printable color/finger coordinated chord diagram for each and every 1!

Print as much blank TAB paper, Neck paper and Chord paper as you want! Practice your Scales, Chords, or Songs to the back-up of a DrumTrack or JamTrack! Make use of a Metronome to hone your rhythmic skill! Use the Guitar Tuner! Learn a song off the Playlist! You can do it all here.

Any member can take advantage of our Ask a Question page to request a future lesson topic! Or, if your having trouble with your progress it can be used as a resource for 1 on 1 assistance! is an ever-evolving site with new videos posted every week. You'll never run out of things to learn!

Our goal is for you to reach your potential. Pick up your guitar and learn something already!



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